Back for Good

It’s been a while, but we’re finally settling back down into our hometown.

Recently had coffee (well, water and a scone for me, latte for her) with a darling friend, and was surprised to be encouraged by her words as we talked about reverse culture shock and the struggle of fitting back into a home we had both left for some time.

How do you explain to others that, while you might know their name, you really don’t know them anymore, even though you want to catch up and be friends again with them in their present situation? Five years has gone by since I’ve moved out from Calgary, and now that I’m back, I realize the nervousness I feel every time I step into church or make plans to meet with an “old” friend stems from this pressing question. A lot changes in five years; heck, the things that change us often happen in the span of a day, or an hour. I’ve certainly learned and changed within these past five years and I’m happy to share. I’m not fussed by the fact that people say “everything’s the same,” as I’m sure it feels the same to them, but let’s move the conversation past that.

If you’re reading this, surprise(!), I’m back online! And yes, we’re back for good, or at least for the foreseeable future. I want to know you, or to keep up with you, or get back in touch, and it’s okay if neither of us know where to start, but I’d really like to start somewhere, and anywhere at that.


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