God is Good.

This sort of post is new for me, but there’s been so much happening that it almost doesn’t feel right to stay silent.

Transitions are hard, but God is good. The transitions have been plenty in the past few months: moving back home, constantly telling people we’re back for good, preparing for a new life, looking for jobs, and slowly but surely looking for opportunities to reconnect with friends.

And through it all so far, God has been really, really good to us. Getting all our stuff back via air and boat shipping went way smoother than expected, our co-workers drove out all the way from Ontario to spend time with us before they left to go back to the mainland, and we’ve been able to find phone plans and even a car within our budget. Everything’s been without hassle and through the goodness of our family and friends. I’m so thankful that we’re blessed through the people we know.

Even better (if it could possibly get better) has been the ways in which God has encouraged me through a few Christian sisters, some newly met and some reconnecting again. The generosity I’ve experienced in materials, hospitality, and words has been overwhelming. If I sit long enough to reflect on it all, I’m constantly tearing up from the joy of it all.

Thank you. If you’ve taken the time to hang out with Jack and me, or you’ve taken the time to have a conversation with me, thank you. I am so thankful for the friendships out there and the times we’ve had together, and even if you don’t believe, I do point to your kindnesses as a reflection of goodness in you, and the goodness that God pours out every day.


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