When Things Fly

Since my last post, school picked up and finished (two courses down, two left to go!). The end of October was swell and I thought I was starting to find a routine. Then November hit. The toddler was sick. The toddler didn’t sleep. Jack was home (relief!). The toddler and I both fell ill. The toddler and I both didn’t sleep again. And then December came around. Volunteering, school, and more and more baking brings us to… now.

In hindsight, I’m very grateful for how these past two months have passed. This is the first year that the toddler’s really been sick twice in the same year. My school course was initially frustrating (I can’t stand teachers who make classes entirely discussions) but the project (writing a research project proposal) was a lot of fun. I’ve never been so interested in a research topic before (homeschooling, of course) and writing the proposal made me think of further schooling, but further schooling is definitely going to have to wait. And volunteering with others has been a blast. Everything just came together for our last event and seeing so many people jump in to help wherever they could was uplifting.

I fell behind on my own paid work (curriculum writing) but I’m catching up again now, thanks to my wonderful husband being at home for the holidays. I wrote this post, and that’s something! A two-month hiatus is not something I would have easily recovered from a few years ago. In fact, from September 2020 to 2021, I think I wrote 46/52 weeks in that year. I’m pretty happy with that, and I’m looking to continuing the work on this reading blog.

This is all not to brag. If anything, it’s more to rewrite the thoughts in my head that tend towards negativity self-bashing. Thanks for your patience, reader. I’ve still been reading (just not blogging about it) and I hope you have been, too.

Featured photo: First time climbing a tree! When branches beckon I can’t help myself… and so the toddler followed suit. She was mighty pleased with herself. She went from saying, “I can’t!” as she attempted several times, to saying, “I did it!” Yep, I’m one proud momma.


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