DIY: Cards

Since Christmas, I’ve started getting a little more crafty with my hands again, seeing as I took my prof’s advice and wrote all my lessons before the practicum started. Of course, there are always lessons to revise and adaptations to write as I get to know the students better, but I’m happy to say that…

Chestnut Sponge Cake, Part II

Where were we? Oh, right. Last time, Andrea made pancakes before the stroke of midnight. And now she had the chance to redeem herself. And all her hopes rest on six extra-large eggs.

Chestnut Sponge Cake, Part I

Rarely do I ever blog about my baking fails (because who wants to spend time reading about a cake that didn’t work out?). But I suppose there’s a first time for everything.

“Cмачний” Means “Delicious”

… in Ukrainian! I know very little about Ukraine, its culture, its people or its language. But I do love pierogies. My mistake lies in calling these Ukrainian pierogies though, because the Ukrainian pierogy should actually be called varenyky. According to Wikipedia the Mennonite way is to bake pierogies and serve with borscht, and with…

Vancouver = Bugs + Coffee

It’s a Friday night, the rain is pouring outside (finally!) and I’m writing up lesson plans for a senior accounting class. Such is the life of a student teacher. Call me strange but I’m actually in so much bliss. Ah, life. A break is in order though, so let’s talk about some of the weird…

Autumn Cheesecake

I apologize for having not posted in over a week T_____T. To cheer you up though, heeeeere’s cheesecake! And just in time for Thanksgiving, too! Mind you, Joy and I made this around midnight, so let the crazies begin!

Bug off!

No, no, I don’t mean you, dear reader. I mean this: And no, I didn’t take a picture of any of the ones I killed while they were alive. I had a bad enough time searching the web (no pun intended) for photos *shudder*.

First Breakfast

It’s almost October and I am a bit squicked out to say that I’ve conquered 12 spiders thus far. I’ll be trying out how well citronella essential oil (cymbopogon nardus, if you will) works as a bug repellent tonight. If it raises my heart rate (as Wikipedia so fondly informs me) I’ll be sure to…

Fancy Plants

I’m so absolutely hug-deprived right now that it’s so un-funny, it’s sad. Only the 4L carton of chocolate milk in the fridge is enough to keep away my woes. Oh woe. I guess I should get a cup of chocolate milk right now. And yeah, I realize that has nothing to do with plants. But…

Growing Flowers

On the verge of beginning Week 3 of classes at UBC, I present to you A Way to Make One’s Room Pretty. But first! A picture of a baby cow! I saw this one at PNE (Pacific National Exhibition), which is sort of like Calgary’s Stampede except less crazy and more stress-free (although I like the…