Being a Student

Both Andrea and I miss being students. As a teacher, we also really need to understand what it’s like to be a student. In this post, I’m going to explore a little bit of both of these things. Being a Student Life use to be straightforward. Things mostly came down to myself: if I paid…

Canadian vs UK Schools

…is the comparison I would like to make. However, knowing that dependent on the province, city, district, specific school that you’re in, things can be quite different. So perhaps a more specific (and unfortunately less catchy (and therefore not being used)) title is: Tom Baines and Sir Winston Churchill vs. The Warren. Or what I remember…

Not a Girl Scouts’ Camp

This post is probably the most difficult to write because it discusses how teaching in the UK for the past three and a half months has been the opposite of a picnic. Although by the time this post is published, I’ll have survived the first term. And I really do mean survived.

Teaching is Learning Spelled Differently

One lunch-period, the vice-principal at our practicum school sat down with us (meaning my practicum cohorts and I, not the royal we) and asked us to come up with a motto that described part of our teaching philosophy. That’s mine, that title right there. Teaching is learning spelled differently. It could totally go on the back…

An Updated Teaching Philosophy

Since my account is apparently ineligible for a Scroll of Resurrection (oh the disappointment!) I have decided to do another productive thing and hopefully enter all you dear readers out there. My teaching philosophy’s changed since I’ve started, and really it’s the result of a bigger picture I hadn’t realized until now.

Fatty Special K

Did that sound right in a sentence? The words “fat” and “Special K” together? It didn’t to me, simply because Special K has been touted for years as the go-to cereal healthy people should eat to stay slim and fabulous. So what exactly is Special K trying to say in this ad?

International Money

When I first applied for university I was a little shocked to see how much more I’d have to pay in tuition if I were an international student. Then I thanked my parents for having me in Canada. Then during a classroom discussion I found that international secondary students also have to pay insanely high…