Toddler Art

Toddler art is exactly not what I expected.

Still Alive!

London was pretty crazy in terms of a first-time teaching experience. Or so we thought. Then we came to Dagang.

An Updated Teaching Philosophy

Since my account is apparently ineligible for a Scroll of Resurrection (oh the disappointment!) I have decided to do another productive thing and hopefully enter all you dear readers out there. My teaching philosophy’s changed since I’ve started, and really it’s the result of a bigger picture I hadn’t realized until now.

Parent Teacher Conference

Before I left my SAs at the end of the short practicum, one of them suggested that I attend the upcoming PTC: Parent-Teacher Conference. It’ll be a good experience for you. Said my SA oh-so-wisely. And he was right (for the umpteenth time in a row). Seriously, he’s on a roll in his role as…

One More Thing…

If you recognized that quote then you’re a pretty cool person. But yeah. I realized I was missing one more post from my field observation journal… and I wanted to tell you all the third truth I confirmed during my time in practicum. So here you go. There’s just one more thing:

The Value of Support

As promised, here’s a Saturday post (I also have a Sunday make-up post to do now, because I was so tired on Friday, or whichever day I missed)!