You’re Welcome to Join Dagang

Oh puns. As we’ve mentioned before (I think), we’re currently teaching in China. Specifically, we’re in the small town of Dagang which is close to the larger city of Zhenjiang. Even more specifically, we’re on the outskirts of the small town of Dagang. In Calgarian terms, this is like being in the outskirts of Airdrie. Most…

The Non-Audio Visual Tour of our China Flat

Hello! It’s been awhile since the last post (for obvious reasons)! Reasons like: school, getting our new place set up, finding a vehicle (see the featured image), getting used to school and work-life balance here, getting to know new friends, and going to Shanghai and Beijing. All of the posts and such will come in due…

The Watering Hole

The interesting thing about England is that the pub is where things happen. Interested in getting to know your co-workers? Go to the pub. Interested in getting to know a guy / gal? Go to the pub. Want to learn some new recreational sports? Go to the pub.

Groceries and Gifts

You would have thought by now that I’d have realized maintaining a regular blog takes a lot of time and commitment. But nope, I’m still just starting to learn, just like we’re still learning a lot living on our own for the first time in our lives.

Being a Student

Both Andrea and I miss being students. As a teacher, we also really need to understand what it’s like to be a student. In this post, I’m going to explore a little bit of both of these things. Being a Student Life use to be straightforward. Things mostly came down to myself: if I paid…