London: Draughts

Hi, it’s Jack. I haven’t written in awhile, but I’m here now! Why? Because board games. I’m a huge fan of board games and I’ve been getting more and more into the hobby since 2010. I’d continue to extole on the subject of board games and why the hobby is so great, but that’s certainly not…

London: Covent Garden

The more markets we go to in London, the more we realize that London is just jam packed with things to see and do… and eat.

London: Camden Town

Camden Town is like an English night market open in the daytime, full of bargain dresses, artisan stalls and delicious ethnic foods.

Queen of Tarts

Surprisingly we’ve managed to review quite a number of restaurants and small eateries in Dublin in the time that we’ve been here. The Queen of Tarts was a delicious last repast and I’m sure you can guess how it ended.


Located right along the River Liffey, Pifko is a mix of café and bar all at once.

Third Space

On our last morning in Dublin we awoke and found the Third Space full of hungry people.

Murphys Ice Cream in Dublin

You might not think of ice cream when you think of the Irish, but you’d be a real tool to pass this place up.


Another Italian place in Dublin. What is going on?