Strengths, Weaknesses, and Future Plans

Teaching can feel like a full twelve rounds. Photo credit to Christopher Cheung 2014.

As  a teacher I am also a continual student: new experiences excite me and the chance to learn or build various skills each day makes me hungry for more. I see teaching as a profession that requires dedicated training, explicit feedback, and a commitment to improvement.

After asking for feedback from my practicum students, the majority of my students determined that I came across as warmhearted and caring: I hope to continual to improve in this because caring requires compassion for all peoples and that only comes with experience. I also hope to use this personality trait as a building block in the community that I wish to form in my classroom.

I also do my best to be relevant: my past training in marketing and English have driven home the point that communication is less about making your voice heard than listening to others to understand how best to integrate both sides into a conversation.

Currently my philosophy details my plan for improvement. In particular, I would like to learn to be more efficient in the integration of assessment, classroom lesson plans, homework assignments, and student interaction; putting all these factors together towards an optimized learning environment for students is something towards which I strive.

I am also consciously focusing on time management. This is closely linked with being efficient in the classroom, but also something I understand to come with time as well.

In the future I am hoping to work towards several things in my professional life:

  • M.Phil in English Literature (currently considering Old English because of my honours thesis)
  • M.Ed in the area of community building within the classroom, with research that applies to international and multicultural classrooms
  • Becoming a professional food blogger and/or poet

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