Angel’s Drive In

Today, on a day full of rain, Jack suggested we go out to a surprise location for lunch. I’m always down for surprises. By the time we drove into Bowness, I was hopping. “Angel’s?!” I guessed/demanded. Indeed it was. Angel’s Drive In.

Cafe Oasis

As mentioned before, Jack and I stumbled across this place almost entirely by accident. Still, accidental finds are almost always good finds, in my opinion.

Monthly Meals: September

September was characterized by pre-made hamburgers and pre-made meatballs, because that’s usually what we found on sale when we went to the grocery store after school.


I apologize ahead of time for the quality of the photos. The place was extremely dim and I didn’t have a proper camera with me *bows head in shame* … then again, I rarely have a proper camera with me XD. Anyway, five weeks ago J and I went on a bit of an adventure…

Dairy Lane Cafe

Just under three months ago, Gaia and I got together to check out the Dairy Lane Cafe, a place I had heard much about but hadn’t had the opportunity to visit, until now. The place was much tinier than I expected, feeling almost like I was invading someone’s front room. However, the atmosphere was friendly…

4th Spot Kitchen & Bar

One snowy winter day (or just “day” as you might call in Calgary) J, Migao and I went out with a few of J’s and Migao’s friends from work for some lunch and chat. We chose 4th Spot Kitchen & Bar and, despite cramped parking in the back, were quickly seated in what seemed to…