Right after I typed the word “lingering” I did a double take because I thought I might have typed the word “lingerie” o.O. Anyway, when I was a kid (age-wise) I was a pretty sentimental sorta gal. Every trinket in my room held significance because “this toy came from my best friend in grade one”…


The number of times I’ve been to this place is nearing the number of fingers on my hand (but am I counting the thumbs?!) but there’s a very good reason for all my continued patronage. This post is short and I like to keep you in suspense, so hit the link for actual pictures =D.


I apologize ahead of time for the quality of the photos. The place was extremely dim and I didn’t have a proper camera with me *bows head in shame* … then again, I rarely have a proper camera with me XD. Anyway, five weeks ago J and I went on a bit of an adventure…

Dairy Lane Cafe

Just under three months ago, Gaia and I got together to check out the Dairy Lane Cafe, a place I had heard much about but hadn’t had the opportunity to visit, until now. The place was much tinier than I expected, feeling almost like I was invading someone’s front room. However, the atmosphere was friendly…

The Move

I may or may not be changing my blog address again simply because WordPress is far more versatile than I originally thought it was (especially in terms of loading media).


One blustery windy downtown day, Gray and I decided to try a fast-food Japanese place. No, I don’t mean Umi Sushi. I mean Banzai, and as I’ve found out… well, you’ll see.

Los Chilitos Taco and Tequila House

J and I checked out Los Chilitos about half a year back when we picked up a Groupon for the location. I know, this review’s a bit overdue, but the menu is still current, so read with a grain of salt (or a scoop of salsa).