Canadian vs UK Schools

…is the comparison I would like to make. However, knowing that dependent on the province, city, district, specific school that you’re in, things can be¬†quite different. So perhaps a more specific (and unfortunately less catchy (and therefore not being used)) title is: Tom Baines and Sir Winston Churchill vs. The Warren. Or what I remember…

Not a Girl Scouts’ Camp

This post is probably the most difficult to write because it discusses how teaching in the UK for the past three and a half months has been the opposite of a picnic. Although by the time this post is published, I’ll have survived the first term. And I really do mean survived.


I’ve been on pause here because school has picked up and I’m just doing my best to stay ahead of the game so that when I want to be lazy I can be lazy. Let’s call today Scaredy-Caturday, though, because I’m gonna tell you this: I’m a little scared of being a teacher.