Parent Teacher Conference

Before I left my SAs at the end of the short practicum, one of them suggested that I attend the upcoming PTC: Parent-Teacher Conference. It’ll be a good experience for you. Said my SA oh-so-wisely. And he was right (for the umpteenth time in a row). Seriously, he’s on a roll in his role as…

One More Thing…

If you recognized that quote then you’re a pretty cool person. But yeah. I realized I was missing one more post from my field observation journal… and I wanted to tell you all the third truth I confirmed during my time in practicum. So here you go. There’s just one more thing:

Let Us Assume X

Oops. Missed out on posting yesterday so I suppose I’ll make this a post for Monday and give you all a bonus Saturday post or something or other.

Regardez, s’il vous plaît!

Today marked the last day of the first week of practicum. I am quite utterly exhausted and, as my SAs so wisely put it, probably more stressed than I realized. The good news is that I still don’t realize the stress (besides the typical symptoms of some lack of sleep!) so let’s just move on…

The Ellipsis

Funny how we meta-talked yesterday, because today we’re going to discuss the opposite: the value of silence in the classroom.


Since today was day 3 of the two-week practicum, I finally had the wits to focus on a specific topic during my observations: the teacher’s use of language in a classroom. In fact, as I type I’m slowly beginning to form an inquiry question in my head.

The Transcendent Subject

The morning started out in a glorious fashion: with music. Choral music, to be exact. And boy, did it make a world of difference to my day.

I Think It’s Gonna Be Okay

Today was the first day of practicum and, golly, there are already so many things to write. I can’t really say what was more important or interesting: the scavenger hunt around school that we did to get to know the place a little better, meeting both my school advisors (although I had already met one…