Famoso Neapolitan PIzzeria: Country Hills

It’s been almost a month in between posts and I have absolutely no excuse whatsoever. Nope. No excuses. But happy 100th post to Alibi:OE! So to make up for my irregular posting, here’s a food review on pizza. Because pizza covers a multitude of blogger wrongdoings!

Il Sogno

This is probably one of the last posts I’ll be doing on Calgary for a few months or so, until I get back in town. J and I had a Groupon of his to use up before I left so we made it down to Il Sogno on the first day that we could. Buying…

San Remo Ristorante

Once again Coral and I found ourselves going out for food. Somehow these things just happen. Since I was on an Open Table roll (Redwater Grille, anyone?) we decided to check this restaurant out. The special $10 pasta nights definitely encouraged our patronage too.