London: Old Spitalfields Market

I started writing this post thinking that I could somehow figure out how to explore and explain London’s area guides sequentially but I GIVE UP THEIR NAMING SYSTEM IS MAD.

Pho Spitalfields

Pho cravings in London are the worst because they’re terribly hard to satisfy here.

London: The V&A and Harrods

The thing about British museums is that many of them are packed with goodies to see and admire. One museum can easily fill up a day (or two!) so it’s no wonder that we took so long to finally check out the Victoria and Albert Museum. In the Victoria and Albert Museum (hereafter the V&A)…

London: The Who Shop

*doo doo doooooo doo doo dooooo… do do do… do do do* That was my impression of the Doctor Who theme. I know, I’m a prodigy.

The White Horse

Considering that I’m more of a eater than a drinker, and that we have a local favourite watering hole, we’ve had plenty of chance to review the food at the White Horse. This is probably the most extensive review I’ve ever done on a restaurant.

The Watering Hole

The interesting thing about England is that the pub is where things happen. Interested in getting to know your co-workers? Go to the pub. Interested in getting to know a guy / gal? Go to the pub. Want to learn some new recreational sports? Go to the pub.

Groceries and Gifts

You would have thought by now that I’d have realized maintaining a regular blog takes a lot of time and commitment. But nope, I’m still just starting to learn, just like we’re still learning a lot living on our own for the first time in our lives.

London: Natural History Museum

London has a plethora of free museums, and most of them take more than a day to explore. The Natural History Museum is one such place.

London: Baker Street, Hyde Park and Science Museum

Contrary to some people’s popular opinion, the Oxford comma is not taught in English schools. Not at ours, anyway. The debate rages on, just like the rain that pelted down one Saturday afternoon as we explored London on our own.

Not a Girl Scouts’ Camp

This post is probably the most difficult to write because it discusses how teaching in the UK for the past three and a half months has been the opposite of a picnic. Although by the time this post is published, I’ll have survived the first term. And I really do mean survived.