London: Old Spitalfields Market

I started writing this post thinking that I could somehow figure out how to explore and explain London’s area guides sequentially but I GIVE UP THEIR NAMING SYSTEM IS MAD.

Pho Spitalfields

Pho cravings in London are the worst because they’re terribly hard to satisfy here.

London: The V&A and Harrods

The thing about British museums is that many of them are packed with goodies to see and admire. One museum can easily fill up a day (or two!) so it’s no wonder that we took so long to finally check out the Victoria and Albert Museum. In the Victoria and Albert Museum (hereafter the V&A)…

London: The Who Shop

*doo doo doooooo doo doo dooooo… do do do… do do do* That was my impression of the Doctor Who theme. I know, I’m a prodigy.

The White Horse

Considering that I’m more of a eater than a drinker, and that we have a local favourite watering hole, we’ve had plenty of chance to review the food at the White Horse. This is probably the most extensive review I’ve ever done on a restaurant.

The Watering Hole

The interesting thing about England is that the pub is where things happen. Interested in getting to know your co-workers? Go to the pub. Interested in getting to know a guy / gal? Go to the pub. Want to learn some new recreational sports? Go to the pub.

Groceries and Gifts

You would have thought by now that I’d have realized maintaining a regular blog takes a lot of time and commitment. But nope, I’m still just starting to learn, just like we’re still learning a lot living on our own for the first time in our lives.

The London Life (After 4 Months)

Or rather, the Greater London Area life after 4 months as a teacher married to another teacher.   Life doesn’t always turn out the way you’d expect it to. For example, a year ago, I did not know that I’d be getting married so soon, nor that I’d be teaching in London. Funny how life does…

London: Natural History Museum

London has a plethora of free museums, and most of them take more than a day to explore. The Natural History Museum is one such place.