Dagang (大港): We’ve Moved!

Into China, that is. That’s right — I’m writing to y’all straight from behind the Great Firewall of China and things are absolutely splendid here.

Making a Home

I meant it when we had no idea what would happen in that first week. In that time as school started, Jack discovered that Coke came in 3L bottles. Three. Litres. What.

Finding a Home

We woke up late on the day of our orientation and ran up the hill in a mad rush. So much for those first impressions. Then our recruiter was impressed with the rate we walked (he thought we’d be ages longer) and praised us for our London pace. “Wingfoot, I name you.” said he. Oh…

In Transit

In the three days we had after the wedding banquet, life went bonkers, and it’s stayed mad for quite some time.

The Move II

This is the first thing I noticed about Vancouver when we woke up the next day to pick up a few things from Superstore: Electronic price tags! They change to reflect promotional prices and I thought they were really neat. Yeah, that’s what post #1 from Vancouver is going to be only about (if you…