San Remo Ristorante

Once again Coral and I found ourselves going out for food. Somehow these things just happen. Since I was on an Open Table roll (Redwater Grille, anyone?) we decided to check this restaurant out. The special $10 pasta nights definitely encouraged our patronage too.

Redwater Grille

Classy places usually make me cringe a little bit inside, but I’ll go if good friends go. Or, in this case, family. Redwater Grille is one of those classy high-end places despite its location (university students can’t pay that kinda cash XD), but man, the food sure is tasty.


For whatever twisted and sick reasons exist within my subconscious, when hungry I will torture myself by looking up restaurant reviews, pictures of delicious foods I want to eat and pictures of delicious foods I have eaten. This is one of those times.