London: The V&A and Harrods

The thing about British museums is that many of them are packed with goodies to see and admire. One museum can easily fill up a day (or two!) so it’s no wonder that we took so long to finally check out the Victoria and Albert Museum. In the Victoria and Albert Museum (hereafter the V&A)…


The second of a number of Vancouver reviews. And honestly, this place was… well, let’s just say I’m surprised more Vancouver reviewers haven’t gotten to this place yet. But that’s alright! Room for me to talk about some very yummy stuff.


One blustery windy downtown day, Gray and I decided to try a fast-food Japanese place. No, I don’t mean Umi Sushi. I mean Banzai, and as I’ve found out… well, you’ll see.

Misai Sushi

Saturdays for me are synonymous with food-day and yum-day and yay-day because of many reasons, so I’m going to share the food-day part with you. Then you can have your own yum-day when you look at the pictures and have a yay-day when you go and try out the same restaurant =D