Drawing to an End

There are exactly twenty days until I leave YVR for what I imagine to be a number of years. There are also a ton of posts about Vancouver that I have not yet published (or written, lol), which I’ll probably do when I’m not in Vancouver, really. I’ve learned to be realistic. And while there’s…

My Hipster Cousin

So if you didn’t know, I have a hipster cousin named Lina. She’s really cool, she is. Has the ability to climb rocks and things while brewing the best darned cuppa joe you could find on this here side of the planet.

Ramen Wars: Santouka vs. Kintaro – Part II

Last time, our hero Kintaro demonstrated its prowess in serving up big tasty bowls of cheese ramen, spicy garlic ramen and shio ramen. Now, an old foe steps back into alibi:OE’s blogging ring to duel it out! Who will win? Will Kintaro reign in its delicious variations on ramen? Or will Santouka beat Kintaro down…

Bernoulli’s Bagels

One super perk about being on a new campus (well, maybe not-so-new now, but still new) is discovering more food places at which to chow down. And while this place may come as no bagel surprise (DO YOU SEE WHAT I DID THERE), Bernoulli’s Bagels is one tasty treat of a place.


The second of a number of Vancouver reviews. And honestly, this place was… well, let’s just say I’m surprised more Vancouver reviewers haven’t gotten to this place yet. But that’s alright! Room for me to talk about some very yummy stuff.

Vancouver: Granville Island, Part 1

At a recent conference, a professional blogger stood up and shared with her fellow bloggers this valuable piece of advice: Write about the places around you. Write about where you live. Thus this post: Welcome to Granville Island. I suppose I could resort back to the hipster label I gave Gastown but Granville Island has…